Can You Identify the Clan

If you were asked to identify Clan Andresis or Clan Huisdean could you? The names of clans as they appear today did not always appear in the past as we see them today.

On a list or roll of “Clannis in the Hielands and Isles” done in 1587 you can see Clan Lewyd of Harray, today it would be Clan Macleod of Harris. This list also includes Clan Eoin which today would be the MacDonalds of Glen Coe. Clan Andresis is Clan Ross and Clan Huisdean are The MacDonalds of Sleat.

Many other names are just as confusing, take Clan Vurich, got any ideas? This would Be Clan MacPherson today. Clan Vean would be Clan Bean and Slioch Gow Chruin would be Clan Gow (Smith).

Clan Artair = Clan MacArthur

Clan Macian = The MacDonalds of Ardnamurchan

Clan Lawren = The MacLauring

Clan Gillane = The Macleans

Siol Tormod = The Macleods of Harris

Siol Torquil = The Macleods of Lewis

Siol O’Cain = The Macmillans

M’Knabbis = The Macnabs

MacSweyns = The MacQueens

Clan Carnpbellis= The Campbells

Menyessis = Menzies

Clan Kynnoun = The Mackinnons

Clan Spadingis = The “Clan” Spalding

M’ Nabrichis = The Glencoe MacDonalds

Clan Aindrea = Clan Ross

Last but not least, Clan Ian Abach again a term used for The MacDonalds of Glencoe. One more for good luck “Clan Ian Vor” This is The MacDonalds of Islay and Kintyre.

As you can see the names we know today did not always apply. If your clan name is not among those listed, spend some time and find out what is once might have been.

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